Thrive Architect Review 2021: Features, Updates, and How It Works

Thrive architect review

Thrive Architect Review Overview

A Brief History of Thrive Architect

What Can You Do with Thrive Architect

  • Create landing pages
  • Create webpages in general.
  • Format blog posts
  • Build websites.

User Interface and Navigation



Thrive architect features

Page Structures and Layouts

thrive architect features

Content and Page Templates


How to Build Pages with Thrive Architect

Building a Landing Page with a Template

Step #1

Step #2

Thrive architect templates
  • Online Course Sales page template
  • Thank You page template
  • Lead Generation page template
  • Confirmation page template
  • Image-driven Sales page template
  • Course Launch page template
  • Webinar Sign Up page template
  • Webinar Thank You page template
  • Application page template
  • Event page template
  • Upsell page template
  • Blank Page (for building from scratch)
Thrive architect landing page templates

Step #3: Customization

Building a Landing Page with a Blank Page

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3: Add Content

  • The Vertical Split Screen
  • Testimonials
  • Email Integration

Thrive Architect Pricing

Pros of Thrive Architect

  • Your Content is saved to WordPress, not Thrive Architect.
  • Using the available templates saves you time.
  • Regular updates and new features.
  • Has in-built lead generation features.
  • One-time lifetime fee.
  • Modification and editing are easy.
  • Strong, reliable support.
  • Focused on responsive designs for every device.
  • Reasonable pricing


  • The mobile landing page sometimes differs from mobile design.
  • Lots of elements make navigation get cluttered.
  • The lack of problem-specific tutorials gets annoying fast.

Is Thrive Architect the Right Plug-in For You? (Conclusion)



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